With Every Crisis Comes an Opportunity
Consultation & Training for Schools.  A  Results-Driven Approach Drawn From Cutting Edge Research and Real Classroom Experience.

Brining Peace to Schools

Learning Environments for All Children

Promoting Racial Equity

Lower Stress for Educators

On-Site Trainings Now Available in the U.S., Canada, & the U.K. 
 More Countries Coming Soon!

  • On-Site:  Trainers will travel to your school or district and train a select group to in turn train others in your organization.  Every training package is customized and individualized. 
  • ​On-Demand: Completely online and automated. Train numerous staff simultaneously working at their own pace
  • Hybrid: Customized combination of online and in-person training

Who We Are

We are a network of professionals, advocates, volunteers, and unapologetic change agents across a variety of settings including education, law, policy, community organizing and criminal justice,
Our primarily mission is equity in discipline and justice in the public school systems and criminal justice systems across the United States and around the world.

What We  Do

We provide training, advising, and support to schools and other learning institutions throughout he world using restorative practices and acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT). We use cutting-edge techniques, based in proven methods, to provide schools with discipline procedures that are more racially equitable and effective than existing models..

How We Can Help

Schedule your free strategy call today. One of our team members will begin to outline the process of how a customized assessment would be conducted and how an individualized plan would be created. Also provided is an estimated cost of training and maintenance to ensure success. We have discounts and scholarships available.  

Restorative Justice

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

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